Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1001 Uses for Chicken Feet

You could buy some chicken feet and if anyone asks, you're making soup. It could be true. People eat these things, even though they look almost like human hands. Here's a recipe if you need it.

Don't worry. You don't have to eat it if you don't want to. You could just play with it.

A friend of mine grew up poor in the South and says one year, he and his brothers each got a chicken foot for Christmas. It was all they could afford. It was sort of fun pulling on the tendons and making the foot move. Make the best of what you've got, right?

Of course, these uses are not the real focus here. Consider the context. You're thinking magic, perhaps spelled in some funky way to distinguish it from pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

So, what do you do?

Anything you want. That's the short, literal answer, not the real answer.

The longer answer, not to mention the real one: think of fire. Fire can be used to create a delicious meal or destroy someone's whole world.

Chicken feet are like that. So is anything you use in magic.

I don't believe that what you send out to the universe comes back seven times, or even three times. I do believe it comes back. It's a good idea to consider this before performing an action, magical or otherwise, which could bounce back on you. What are you willing and eager to have come back to you? Think on that, and do that.

Do you want someone to lose the mask they wear and start being honest with people? Consider whether you can take what you're dishing out.

Do you want someone to fall helplessly in love with you? How helpless would YOU choose to be?

Even a reflection can bounce back against a reflection, seemingly into infinity.

So before you choose whether to use that chicken foot for a good luck charm, a psychic weapon to scratch your enemies, or the base of a hot spicy soup, ask yourself, 'What do I REALLY want?'

Face it, y'all. It's too hot for soup. I'm sure you can think of 1001 other uses.

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